Did You Know?

At Facebeat Pro we have an unwavering commitment to quality,w e  excel in customer satisfaction and all round professionalism. We are customer-centred such that our consultation, pre-testing (free), treatments, deliveries and feedbacks are all based on individual customer specifications and preferences taking into account their emotional needs irrespective of the age and gender. We deal in a range of good quality products for makeup and skin care usage from our brand and a few selected* international brands, that they are readily available and equally affordable. The uniqueness of our products and services lies in the availability of the different varieties that can meet and fulfil each client’s need based on individual specifications*. Our services are integrated into general Makeup Artistry, Gele tying(Headgear), Facial treatments, Massages, Skincare, Sales of products, Consultancy and Training. It is worthy to note that two or more of these activities could be offered thereby meeting more than one need at a time. We are determined not to allow distance and time serve as drags on service and/or product delivery as the former can be earlier booked for being that we are promptly available to travel and our products are not only sold in-store but also sold online making them available to existing and prospective customers nationwide. We are poised to deliver on every promise!


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