Wedding bells ringing!

In a nut shell, this fantasy soon turns out be become a journey full of the ‘Three Es’ which I would term Ecstasy, Escapade and Endearment. The feeling of Ecstasy tends to be pre-eminent at the beginning of the love story which might graduate to the two love birds having a perpetual journey of Endearment.    Because life itself is an adventure, sometimes couples may tend to go the extra mile to carry on the game which is the Escapade, just to spice up the relationship. It is easy to get carried away with all these lovey-dovey reality; but more wise to be informed that as well, love often comes as a test of submission, commitment, patience, loyalty, and trust.

So, to all bride-in-waiting out there, you will really prove your credential as  good wives when you admit that amidst all the ‘Three Es’, the happiest you will ever be is to be with your prince charming, and the saddest. This is the true test of love!


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