Wedding bells ringing!

Ever wondered why so many single ladies fantasize about the big day coming? Well, I bet you do. It has been a natural phenomenal that a girl child from an early age would always imagine and see herself as a little princess that one lucky prince charming will come and steal her heart away, making her bear his last name. … More Wedding bells ringing!


Did You Know?

In fulfilling the ever-increasing demand for quality in the fast-growing cosmetology industry in Nigeria, Facebeat Pro aims at giving its valued clients timely, affordable, yet effective beauty enhancement products & services to international standards.
We are equally committed to providing financial empowerment to interested individuals through artistic skill & customer-focused services by offering professional courses in the fast evolving field of cosmetology.
We are currently located in the eyebrow areas of major cities in the country, with a projection of spreading our business operations across Nigeria and creating a global presence through an online Store.
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